ECP Suspension

04th Feb 2021

KIS received a policy directive from the Honorable Minister of Energy and Mineral Development through Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) regarding the free Electricity Connection Policy (ECP).

In line with the directive, the public is hereby informed that the Free Electricity Connection Policy (ECP) will be suspended until such a time when funds and connection materials are made available by the Rural Electrification Agency as provided for in the electricity connection policy.

Customers are advised as below;

New customers willing and able to pay for themselves are free to submit their applications and those customers not willing and able to pay are advised to wait for Government funding.

The customers who earlier made application through the ECP shall be required to top up payment to the approved new connection charge and sign an addendum to the application consenting to the ability and willingness to pay the cost reflective connection charges.

KIS will continue to inform the public of any developments. For additional information please contact our offices through our Toll-free helpline 0800253500

The full ECP Suspension Notice can be downloaded from here

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