Ferry Services

KIS completed the construction of ports (landing sites) at Bukakata (main land) and Bugoma (Bugala island) in December 2011.

The company commenced marine transportation services on 16th August 2012 by launching Mv Pearl and later launched Mv Ssese on 26th February 2015.

Both ferries roll-on, roll-off passengers and vehicles, provide safe and reliable 30 minutes crossing between the mainland and Bugala island.

Prior to KIS ferry services, GoU operated a ferry between Bukakata and Luuku and used to make 2000 crossings only but now it increased tremendously to 5200

Ferry Operations have positively impacted on the people of Bugala Island as follows;

  1. Safe transport has boosted economic growth on Bugala island
  2. Reliable marine transport services which has increased trade between mainland and island.
  3. Accessibility to public services like schools, hospitals, and other amenities has been eased.
  4. Tourism has been boosted

Ferry Timetable

Please find the current Ferry Schedule here


Ferry Boarding and Safety procedures

Our dear Passengers when boarding Mv Ssese/ Mv Pearl kindly do the following.

Procedures before boarding the Ferry.

  1. Keep time and Follow the Ferry timetable. Give yourself ample time for travel and arrive at the port 30mins or an hour before.
  2. Driver discharges all passengers at the main gate.
  3. Driver registers the vehicle.
  4. Passengers sanitise and temperature checks are taken.
  5. Passengers register at the registration point.
  6. Vehicle is then checked by the security on duty including the Luggage.
  7. Passengers are advised to keep in the waiting bay, until they are alerted to board.
  8. On hearing the sound signal/Ferry alarm for loading, the drivers and Motorists take the vehicle/Motorcycles on the ferry for boarding.
  9. After all the vehicles/Motorcycles have boarded, then the passengers also proceed to board the ferry.
  10. Passengers sanitise again as they board the ferry.

Safety Precautions while on board Sailing.

  1. All passengers should occupy passenger areas while maintaining social distance.
  2. No passenger is allowed in the vehicle while on board.
  3. Passengers with infants, expectant mothers and the elderly should use down seat areas.
  4. Passengers should not sit on top of the life jacket boxes or even putting cargo on top.
  5. Garbage should be dumped in the dustbins on board not into water or any how on the ferry.
  6. Drivers with trucks should put wedges.
  7. On board we have a variety of life saving gadgets/appliances in case of emergency
  8. On arrival, passenger should remain seated until the ferry comes to a complete stop.
  9. On arrival vehicles disembark first followed by passengers.
  10. Only the driver is allowed in the vehicle unless the passenger is sick or disabled.
  11. The Ferry Captain reserves the rights to advise on any situation that happensat the Ferry accordingly.
  12. The following areas on board are restricted;
  • Being near/close to main engines or any kind of machinery on board
  • Standing or sitting on the stairs.
  • Standing and walking around the main deck where vehicles are parked.
  • Sitting on top of the ramp and near machinery e.g the anchor.

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