Whistle blowing

What Can You Report?

  • Financial malpractice such as fraud, bribery, extortion and theft;
  • Failure to comply with legal obligations, and regulatory directives;
  • Actions detrimental to the health and safety of employees and/or the society;
  • Breaches of Company Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct, policies and procedures;
  • Abuse of office and/or responsibility in connection with unauthorized activity for personal gain;
  • Non-disclosure of conflict of interest;
  • Sexual or physical abuse of any employee, customer, and other relevant stakeholders;
  • All forms of energy theft, meter bypass, shunting, illegal and unregistered connections to the Company’s distribution network and damage of Company’s infrastructure/equipment;
  • Report anyone who fails to report any of the above listed acts despite knowing.

You can use any of the channels below:

  1. Call the Toll-Free Line: 0800 253 500 
  2. Send an e-mail: administration@kis.co.ug
  3. Reach us on WhatsApp: 0788166887‚Äč 
  4. Report Fraud, Solicitation for a bribe or corruption by our staff to Tel: 0776705044 | Email: confidentiality@kis.co.ug

The full KIS Whistle-Blowing Policy can be downloaded from here

The full KIS Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement can be downloaded from here

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